Saturday, September 17, 2011

Home Alone

Okay, so what? It's only 6:56 a.m. and I got nothing to do. God, I feel like I'm such a geek who hangs around in their house doing nothing but watching DVD (granted, that's actually what I'm doing). My entire family is going on a trip to some kind of island in Banten or something. I'm stuck in my house, listening to Glee's album while refuse to showering because I still got a test tomorrow! Sucks, ain't it? And in 12 hours waiting for my family to come back I only hope that something interesting can happen. Maybe two dumb burglars out of Chris Colombus movie trying to rob my house or something, and I, as a 15-year-old kid outsmart them and at the end live happily ever after. But no, John Hughes didn't direct my life. So instead of all that, I got to drink frozen Milkuat in front of my laptop like every single losers out there who couldn't get a girlfriend. No offense.

The infamous frozen Milkuat

Why don't we talk about my tests, shall we? So the first test happened in Monday and... I think I've studied hard two days before. But do you know the result that I got? I got an effing 18 score in Math, which means, I have to remedial. Well, to be frank, that didn't bother me a bit. I'm such a lazy person that remedial is like breakfast to me. Then, again, I think I also studied hard for Physics and Biology. But when I did Bio last thursday, my mind just went blank. I'm pretty sure I answered "kiss my ass, bitch." to one of the questions. Hardcore, aren't I? And Physics, the first four questions are pretty easy for me actually, but I didn't do the last four at all. I only wrote the diket and ditanya thing to it, in hope of getting some scores out of that. I may contradict my self, but inside, I feel kinda sad. Sometimes I just sat there looking dumb, thinking; what would I be when I grew up? A dry-cleaning guy, a septic-tank truck driver? My parent won't like that eventhough I'm such a good-looking kid and they love me no matter what. But what can I say? It's really hard for me to change my lazy attitude to a good one.

Talking about my tests made my heart kinda aching, so why don't we talk about something else? Something funny happened this week, actually. Just last Friday, me and my friend Ariiq got into Animation Design extraculiculler because we want to know what that's actually about. The great thing is, that was the day of the election for the new president and that kinda stuff. Eventhough we were there for the first time, each of us got a position. Ariiq is the new DA's president! Woohoo! I literally shitting my self. Hahah. Bad time to start DA, mate. And I'm the secretary or something, I don't know which.

But overall, for me this week's kinda sucks.


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