Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Goeboek Bamboe

Goeboek Bambu is a nice place, one that I would visit again, and one that I would recommend to my friends. I had luch there with my family last Saturday and I can say that I had a pretty good time. It is located in Jl. Mampang Sawangan No. 12A, and its phone number is (021)77219230. First of all, the price is quite reasonable. There is no such thing as Rp.12.000,- mineral water or Rp.6000,- rice. Furthermore, my parents classified it as "average", and as a college student who is still pretty much living off of his parents, I would say so, too. Second, the food here is quite tasty. Speaking of which, here are some that we ordered:
Ayam Mentega
Cah Kangkung
Ayam Bakar
Udang Tepung
Nasi Goreng Seafood

By the way, eventhough each member of my family picked just one food and one drink, I still got to taste all of them since I told them it was for homework. I chose ayam mentega and avocado juice myself. They are pretty good. The chicken is nice and the avocado has the perfect density. It is not too soft nor too thick. The seafood fried rice is average. It tastes good, but then again, everything tastes good for me. I did not care much for the udang tepung that my sister got since I do not really like shrimp. The cappuccino is quite delicious, though. I wish I had ordered it instead. It is something that I would go out of my way to get. My last reason is the place, which is quite comfortable. When you eat there, you are going to feel like you are part of the nature or something. The building has two stories. The first floor has an usual restaurant setting with tables and chairs, whereas the floor right below it is the place for lesehan. There is also a really small park with swings and slides. My brother and sister played there immediately after they have finished their foods. The interior is pretty cool, too. The wall is plastered with bamboo and the whole place feels spacious.

In conclusion, I would recommend Goeboek Bamboe for its 'homely' feel, reasonable price, and tasty foods.

Kurnia Cahya Putra