Review: Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl (2014)

Directed by David Fincher
Starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike
20th Century Fox Production

"The primal questions of a marriage: What are you thinking? How are you feeling? What have we done to each other? What will we do?" -Nick Dunne 

Believe me, I was majorly pissed off when it was announced that Gone Girl was not going to be released in Indonesia. Apparently our censor wanted to cut some shots out and David Fincher wouldn't have it. Couldn't place the blame on Fincher, though as I agree with his point that an art should be presented in the way its creators want to present it, but still. It is the one absolute movie that I've really been waiting for. I remember when I first saw the teaser and I got chills all over my body, even though I had no idea what it was about (Fincher's teasers did that to you). The next day, I immediately borrowed the book from my classmate and I was completely immersed in Nick and Amy's story. It is one of the best books that I've read, so you'd understand my frustation upon hearing its canceled release in Indonesia. Well, months later I got to watch it (on my laptop *sigh*) and this movie did not dissapoint.

Gone Girl tells the story of Nick and Amy Dunne, a married couple living in Missouri. On their fifth anniversary, Amy goes missing, and all ayes are on Nick as he is suspected to be her killer. That is as far as I can tell without spoiling too much. To start, I want to talk about the performances, which were awesome. Ben Affleck played Nick to perfection, exactly how I imagined the character to be when I read the book. He was suave, slick, and kind of douchy, but he still managed to make me root for him. Rosamund Pike also gave a stellar performance. This movie will definitely put her on the map, and I think she already locked herself a nomination for the Oscars. There is something about her voice that is just so... elegant and sexy. She also has the perfect face for Amy. Innocent and unasumming, but can also be cold and ruthless (oops, probably a spoiler right there). My critics are probably how there were times when I thought that she was a little wooden, and even though she was really great overall, I also don't think she was irreplaceable as Amy the way Affleck was as Nick. I could think of other actresses that would probably also do a good or even better job in the role (Ali Larter and Rachel McAdams come to mind). The rest of the cast was pretty great. Carrie Coon should get a supporting actress nomination as she was amazing as Nick's twin sister, Margo, who's the most likable character in the entire film, and Kim Dickens was another who deserves praise for her role as Rhonda Boney, a tough as nail detective. Tyler Perry did a servicable job as Tanner Bolt, but honestly, there were literally a lot of other actors who would do better than him. Neil Patrick Harris was okay. Definitely not the way I imagined Desi to be, but he's not a really big character, so I let it slide. And by the way, I love Casey Wilson's performance as Noelle Hawthorne. It was a quite nice surprise from the producers to cast her. I also think that Emily Ratajkowski, the girl from the Blurred Lines video, did decent as Andie Fitzgerald. All in all, it was a good cast.

The score by Trent Reznor is amazing! It is probably one of the best I've heard this year, tied with Interstellar's. It perfectly captures the sense of dread and suspense from the book. Kudos to him. The cinematography is sleek, cool, and typical Fincher (you can see it through its tone). It's very fitting to the story, too. The editing is tight, no complain there. And finally, the directing is also superb. Geez, I really don't have anything bad to say about this. This is just a perfect adaptation overall.

Well, maybe the problem that I had was with the script itself. There are some plot holes, I guess. I can't remember them now, but when I watch it again I'd definitely notice them. The suspension of disbelief is also quite high on this one. However, whatever plot problems that this one has, the book also has them, so... you know, we can't really give the responsibility to just the film, can we? The story on the other hand, is a good satire of the marriage life. I mean, you could almost say that it's a dark comedy. The character Amy is also one well-written, fascinating individual. She's one of the best female characters in movies from the last decade. She reminded me of Alex Frost in Fatal Attraction, just a lot crazier.

Now, I'm gonna tell you what my favorite scene is. Spoiler alert for those who haven't watched the film or read the book. It's the revelation scene. My God, everything about that scene is epic. Pike's narration, the whole cool girl speech, the flashback to the planning, the transformation of Amazing Amy to... red-neck Amy? It is well-shot, well-scored, well-edited, and well-written. I was so happy when I watched it.

To close this review, I just wanna say that I don't think this movie could be made better. I mean, yeah, there are things that could be improved, but you know, we got the best cast and crew as we can possibly got. So... 9/10!


Review: Goeboek Bamboe

Goeboek Bambu is a nice place, one that I would visit again, and one that I would recommend to my friends. I had luch there with my family last Saturday and I can say that I had a pretty good time. It is located in Jl. Mampang Sawangan No. 12A, and its phone number is (021)77219230. First of all, the price is quite reasonable. There is no such thing as Rp.12.000,- mineral water or Rp.6000,- rice. Furthermore, my parents classified it as "average", and as a college student who is still pretty much living off of his parents, I would say so, too. Second, the food here is quite tasty. Speaking of which, here are some that we ordered:
Ayam Mentega
Cah Kangkung
Ayam Bakar
Nasi Goreng Seafood
Udang Tepung

By the way, eventhough each member of my family picked just one food and one drink, I still got to taste all of them since I told them it was for homework. I chose ayam mentega and avocado juice myself. They are pretty good. The chicken is nice and the avocado has the perfect density. It is not too soft nor too thick. The seafood fried rice is average. It tastes good, but then again, everything tastes good for me. I did not care much for the udang tepung that my sister got since I do not really like shrimp. The cappuccino is quite delicious, though. I wish I had ordered it instead. It is something that I would go out of my way to get. My last reason is the place, which is quite comfortable. When you eat there, you are going to feel like you are part of the nature or something. The building has two stories. The first floor has an usual restaurant setting with tables and chairs, whereas the floor right below it is the place for lesehan. There is also a really small park with swings and slides. My brother and sister played there immediately after they have finished their foods. The interior is pretty cool, too. The wall is plastered with bamboo and the whole place feels spacious.

In conclusion, I would recommend Goeboek Bamboe for its 'homely' feel, reasonable price, and tasty foods.

Kurnia Cahya Putra


Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

Directed by Marc Webb
Starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx
Sony Pictures Production

"You know what I love about being Spider-Man? Everything." -Peter Parker

Geez, seems like it's been ages since the last time I went here. I've been busy with my campus life. Yeah, I actually do have a life, which is surprising if I say so myself. So, I've been watching plenty of movies lately, and I'm thinking of going back to what I like to do most; reviewing. For this entry, I have chosen The Amazing Spider-Man 2! Which I've watched like weeks, maybe months ago, but just got the laziness out of my way to write something about it. OK, in case you're wondering, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, or from now on, just TASM2, is a sequel to 2012 The Amazing Spider-Man, which is a reboot of the much-beloved franchise directed by Sam Raimi (one of the coolest directors ever), Spider-Man. TASM is a good stand-alone movie. It certainly is different from Raimi's version, especially from the tone, and that's good because we don't want the same thing to be reharsed twice, do we? But, still, to this day I prefer Raimi's version. His Spider-Man movies are just very grand and big, while Webb's version (this reboot) feels much smaller in scale and I don't like the more serious tone very much.

Now, TASM2 follows Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) again, the radioactive-spider-bitten teenager who is graduating from his high-school whilst also dealing with New York crimes as the red-and-blue-masked Spider-Man. Peter feels responsible for Gwen Stacy, (Emma Stone) after her dad had made him promise to stay away from her daughter for her sake. OK, I'm trying to remember other things from the movie, but I'm actually blanking. Oh, there's Max. An Oscorp employer who feels overlooked and alone, and one day he accidentaly falls into a tub of experiment (for lack of better word) full of... leeches? (I don't know what it's called in English) with wires that electrocute him. Soon after, he becomes Electro (which looks like a hooded Dr. Manhattan) and he creates panic all around NY. When Peter tries to talk him down, and he actually starts to listen to him, a sniper shoots him and causes him to go mad (very cliche). So, now, it is up to Peter to stop him before it's too late. There's actually a whole bunch of sub-plots but my fingers will get sore if I type them all in.

So, what do I think of it? OK, frankly, I think it could be so much bettter. Even with two hours running time, the whole movie feels rushed. The story is all over the place and you can feel that a lot of scenes have been cut from the final version, which is lame, as I think those scenes could actually help the movie by loosing up the plot a little bit and let the audience breathe a little. This theatrical version is just very, very messy. Electro is not very well-developed, so is Harry Osbourne (eventhough the actor did a decent job), and the movie just cramped way too many things. The editing also doesn't help. It's pretty bad. There's one particular scene (the break-up of Peter and Gwen outside the dim-sum place) in which the editing is so jarring, it actually irked me, and I usually almost never notice this kind of thing.

However, one of the good things about this movie is the acting. The cast did pretty well in their respective roles (although I did think Garfield made Peter kind of douchey, which is a problem since day one), especially Emma Stone who was just adorable in this. Her and her co-star, and also real-life boyfriend, Andrew Garfield had some amazing chemistry. They worked so well with each other that I actually consider their relationship to be the best thing about this whole reboot. Webb just does wonder with romance, you can see it in his other well-know little indie movie, too; (500) Days of Summer. On the other hand, Dane DeHaan did as much as he could with Harry Osbourne. And we also have some weak links, which are Jamie Foxx who was kind of hammy as Electro, and Paul Giamatti (which was excellent in every role before this) who was so bad, it was hilarious. I didn't even recognize him as Rhino at first (well, his character itself seems like an afterthought, something that the filmmakers might found cool-looking).

Another thing that I don't like is the tone. It tries to be more serious than the original franchise, but occasionally, it throws some lame jokes that are not even in a good-campy style like in the original. They are pretty cringe-inducing, actually. The movie also relies too much on CGI that it looks like a video-game. Spidey looks like a rubber here. You know, something without bones. I must say, I also don't really like the final battle between him and Electro, mainly due to that horrendous Dubstep music in the background (who would've thought that that was a good idea?). However, there are other action scenes that are pretty entertaining and even better than in the first installment.

Now, I want to give a shout-out to a scene that I thought to be well-constructed from a technical standpoint, which is the death of a certain character (you know who). It's the one thing I felt they did right. Technically. Unfortunately, though, I didn't shed any tear, which was kind of dissapointing because it means the scene didn't do its job very well (I usually cry easily). I felt more sad when I saw poor Aunt May pours his heart to Peter. I did feel really sorry for Peter, though. Garfield did a good job in that scene.

OK, overall, TASM2 is average. It's not good or bad, but it's leaning towards bad. It could be better. It has the potential to be.


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Review: Friends - Season 1

Friends (1994)

Season: 1
Creators: David Crane and Matha Kauffman
Cast: Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow

OK, it's been a really long time since I've blogged and tonight I just feel like it. I'm still in my holiday now. The wheather outside my window is not very... pretty. It's raining, and there's wind coming in. A lot of wind. Well, I love that, actually. I've always been a big fan of rain and this holiday has a lot of them. And when I mean a lot, it's everyday. So I'm a pretty happy camper.

I didn't do much. I'm trying to be as productive as possible. I've sent my manuscript to a publisher, I'm working on a new one and I'm not gonna kid you, it is so frickin' hard to do. Anyway, I got hooked on this incredible show! It's... drum-roll, please... FRIENDS! Yeah, I know. Where were you thousands of years ago, right? I'm sorry, I just never got my hands around it and I thought it's just some kind of a standard, not-very-must-see sitcom. But boy, was I wrong? I finally got the first season from my very best friend and I finished it in like... a week or so. Not to mention I was very busy at that time, so it was pretty fast.

Well, if you've been living under a rock, I'm gonna tell you a little bit about it. In short, Friends is a TV show about the lives, loves, and laughs of six young friends living in Manhattan (yeah, it's the premise that is written on IMDb). It's very fun, witty, and it is one of the sitcoms that actually makes me laugh! So, yay!

The first episode, or The One Where Monica Gets a Roomate (Friends' episode titles are inspired by the saying, "did you see that episode? The one where... blah, blah,") begins with the group discussing about Monica's date later that night in a coffee shop (which we all know to be the infamous Central Perk). This initial scene is pretty succesful in introducing me to the main characters and their dynamic. There's Joey (Matt LeBlanc), an aspiring actor who's also a womanizer; Chandler (Matthew Perry), a witty lad who uses humor as his defense mechanism; Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), a ditzy eccentric musician; Monica (Courteney Cox), a neurotic control-freak cook; and Ross (David Schwimmer), a goofy and awkward paleontologist who recently got divorced to his lesbian wife. Later, the group is joined by Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Monica's former high-school friend who just ran away from her wedding, and is also the 'guide' for the audience as they see things through her eyes.

The rest of the season is spent on establishing who these characters are through all sorts of fun scenarios like a blackout, a poker match, a death in the family, etc. The audience learn new things from them as they go along, like how Monica is such a control-freak for how she behaves in the Thanksgiving episode, how Chandler actually hates his job because he wants to quit even though he gets a promotion, etc. There aren't a lot of arcs that go on for long, and the episodes are pretty much stand-alones. Some of the bigger storylines are probably Ross having a monkey and Ross' ex-wife having a baby (which provides a lot of sweet moments for the show). However, the most prominent one is arguably Ross and Rachel's romance, which is the foundation of the entire season. I gotta say, they handled it pretty well. They made me care enough about the situation, and I never got bored with the whole 'will-they-won't-they' aspect of it. Well, at least for this season. Aniston and Schwimmer had good chemistry, and I found myslef rooting for Ross.

The comedic aspect of the show is really good. I always found myself grinning or chuckling every episode, and sometimes even laughing. Mostly thanks to Phoebe and Chandler, my favorite characters. The same can't be said for any other sitcoms that I've watched like How I Met Your Mother or Modern Family. I just can't get through them. Friends on the other hand, is very easy to get through. It also has a lot of heart. There are moments throughout the season that would just make you sigh in contentment.

The cast did an excellent job in their respective roles, and they had some great chemistry right from the get go. You'd definitely believe that these people are good friends. I want to give a shout-out to Matthew Perry, though, who had the best comedic timing and was very great at delivering jokes. Lisa Kudrow, who embodied Phoebe perfectly that she became my favorite character, and Jennifer Aniston, who still managed to be likable in spite of being a spoiled brat.

Nevertheless, Friends is hardly a ground-breaking show. It is very simple, standard, always stays in the safe zone. You won't find anything like brilliant writing, Oscar-worthy performance, or mind-blowing storyline. It is a story of a bunch of friends living together and that's it. For a first season, it succeeds in intruducing me to its characters, and how fun and entertaining they could be together. If you need something to rest your brain after a long day of work, Friends is the answer. You won't have to think too much and you'll laugh. That's a guarantee.

Idung Jambu Stars:


Review: Carrie (2013)

Carrie (2013)

Disutradari Kimberly Pierce
Ditulis Lawrence D. Cohen dan Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Dibintangi ChloĆ« Grace MoretzJulianne MooreGabriella WildePortia Doubleday dan Ansel Elgort
Produksi ScreenGems

"They're gonna laugh at you. They're all gonna laugh at you." -Margaret
Carrie adalah salah satu kisah tragedi yang semua orang dengan mudahnya bisa hubungkan dengan kehidupan mereka masing-masing. Siapa di antara kita yang belum pernah membayangkan bagaimana jadinya jika kita bisa membalas dendam orang-orang yang pernah mem-bully kita? Mudah rasanya untuk menaruh diri kita di posisi Carrie, gadis SMA yang selalu diolok-olok teman-teman sekolahnya ini. Singkatnya, karena cukup universalnya tema yang diusung, menurut saya apakah film ini berhasil atau tidak bergantung pada bagaimana film ini bisa memengaruhi para penontonnya setelah mereka keluar dari bioskop.

Carrie mrupakan remake dari film tahun 1976 karya Brian DePalma yang diadaptasi dari novel pertama Stephen King yang juga berjudul sama. Hingga saat ini, film itu merupakan salah satu film horor terbaik yang pernah saya tonton. Terbilang baru di masanya, DePalma menunjukkan bakatnya sebagai sutradara yang piawai, dan Sissy Spacek yang memerankan Carrie beserta Piper Laurie yang memerankan ibunya, Margaret, memberikan performa yang juga sama memukaunya. Kritik pun setuju dengan saya dan memberikan keduanya nominasi Oscar (hal yang cukup menarik mengingat pihak Academy sangat jarang mengonsiderasikan film horor). Berdasarkan semua prestasi tersebut, saya tidak berharap muluk film ini mampu meraih kualitas yang sama. Syukur bisa menjadi tontonan yang menghibur.

Kali ini, Carrie disutradarai oleh Kimberly Pierce, wanita yang sudah membawa Oscar untuk Hillary Swank lewat film Boys Don't Cry, dan dibintangi oleh Chloe Grace Moretz dan Julianne Moore sebagai pasangan ibu-anak, Carrie dan Margaret White. Jujur, pada mulanya saya tidak terlalu suka dengan pilihan Chloe sebagai Carrie. Selain karena terlalu muda, Chloe sederhananya tidak terlihat cocok untuk memerankan seseorang yang jadi bahan olokan sekolah. Terlalu banyak aura kepercayadirian yang datang dari dalam dirinya. Tapi seiring dengan waktu, saya pun belajar untuk menerimanya. Saya tidak terlalu bermasalah dengan Pierce karena dia sudah menyutradarai karya yang dibanggakan kritik (Boys Don't Cry)--meskipun saya sendiri belum menonton. Dia sendiri juga mengatakan kalau versinya akan lebih setia dengan novelnya (yang saya baru dapat beberapa hari yang lalu dan sedang dibaca sekarang) dan itu biasanya berarti baik.

Carrie dimulai dengan adegan yang cukup kuat di mana Margaret melahirkan bayi, yang tadinya dia kira kanker rahim, tanpa bantuan siapa pun. Dari sini, saya sudah bisa melihat bahwa Moore memberikan totalitas aktingnya. Apabila di film aslinya Piper Laurie memainkan Margaret dengan sangat berlebihan (jangan salah, bagi saya itu salah satu alasan mengapa performanya benar-benar bagus), Moore memilih jalur berbeda dan memainkannya dengan lebih realistis. Ada jauh lebih banyak 'subtlety' dalam hasil kerjanya. Tidak ada yang lebih bagus, dua-duanya memberikan penampilan yang sekaliber dengan satu sama lain.

Chloe Grace Moretz dan Julianne Moore
sebagai Carrie dan Margaret White
Setelah adegan pembuka yang kuat itu, film ini dilanjutkan dengan kisah Carrie pada tahun akhirnya di masa SMA. Di setiap sekolah biasanya ada satu anak yang dianggap aneh oleh teman-temannya. Di sini, dia adalah Carrie. Suatu hari ketika mandi barsama sehabis pelajaran olahraga, Carrie mendapatkan haid pertamanya dan mengira dirinya sedang mati berdarah sampai-sampai dia menjerit-jerit meminta bantuan teman-temannya. Tetapi bukannya menolong, mereka malah menertawainya dan melemparinya pembalut. Tingkah ini membuat mereka semua diskors, tentunya. Chris Hargenson (Portia Doubleday), salah satu murid populer yang terkena hukuman menyusun sebuah rencana jahat untuk membalas dendam Carrie di malam prom. Sue Snell (Gabriella Wilde), sahabat baiknya yang tak tahu apa-apa soal prank itu, meminta pacarnya, Tomy Ross untuk mengajak Carrie ke prom karena dia merasa bersalah atas insiden haid tersebut. Sementara itu, Carrie baru saja menyadari bahwa dirinya memiliki kemampuan telekinesis (menggerakkan atau mengubah kondisi benda dengan kekuatan pikiran) dan mulai mengembangkannya. Tentu saja, tanpa sepengetahuan ibunya yang taat agama dan menganggap itu perbuatan iblis. Saya bisa saja bercerita lebih lanjut, tetapi saya tidak mau merusak pengalaman anda menonton.

Saya sudah bilang sebelumnya bahwa saya tidak terlalu suka dengan Chloe sebagai Carrie, tetapi setelah menonton filmnya, saya rasa dia memberikan penampilan yang cukup oke. Meskipun tetep saja, menurut saya ada aktris lain yang akan bisa memerankannya dengan lebih baik, seperti Mia Wasikowska misalnya. Sebagai gadis yang tak pandai bergaul, gerak-gerik Chloe sudah cukup bagus, dan dia juga berhasil membuat karakternya simpatetik sehingga di bagian akhir film saya bisa mendukungnya ketika dia membalas dendam pada teman-temannya. Tentu saja, jika dibandingkan dengan Sissy Spacek di film aslinya, dia berada jauh di bawahnya. Spacek (mungkin karena sudah berumur 20-an saat itu), memiliki tingkat kedewasaan dan kedalaman yang lebih tinggi pada perannya.

Salah satu kelebihan dari versi ini adalah hubungan antara Margaret dan Carrie. Di film aslinya kita tidak bisa yakin apakah Margaret menyayangi Carrie, tetapi di sini kita tahu jelas bahwa dia benar-benar peduli dengan puteri semata wayangnya. Hal ini membuat adegan-adegan mereka banyak yang menyentuh, apalagi aktingnya Moretz dan Moore juga sangat mendukung. Jadi, saya lebih suka aspek hubungan ibu-anak White di sini.

Pemain-pemain pendukung yang lain juga bekerja cukup baik di peran mereka masing-masing. Ansel Elgort memberikan pesona yang cukup dalam perannya sebagai Tommy Ross. Portia Doubleday dan Alex Russell merupakan perkembangan dari Nancy Allen dan John Travolta di film aslinya. Mungkin salah satu kelebihan lagi adalah bagaimana tokoh sampingannya dikembangkan dengan lebih baik dan realistis dari film aslinya, meskipun tak dapat dipungkiri bahwa ada juga yang sepertinya hanya muncul di latar belakang dan tak punya kepribadian sama sekali.

Dari sisi cerita, saya malah merasa bahwa film ini justru lebih mirip pada film aslinya dibandingkan novelnya meskipun Pierce mengatakan hal yang sebaliknya. Terbukti dengan kehadiran beberapa adegan dari film aslinya yang tak ada di novel. Sementara itu, saya juga merasa bahwa film ini tidak komplit. Sepertinya ada cukup banyak adegan yang dipangkas sehingga semuanya jadi terkesan setengah-setengah, terutama pada bagian akhir. Penghancuran kota Chamberlain misalnya, yang muncul di teaser dan menjadi bagian cukup besar di novelnya, ternyata tidak ada di sini.

Adegan klimaksnya juga cukup mengecewakan. Tidak ada pembangunan suspense sebelum pelepasan prank di prom seperti pada film aslinya, yang pada akhirnya, membuat impact dari adegannya menjadi jauh lebih lemah. Penyutradaraan Pierce sangat generik dan tidak inovatif, apalagi jika dibandingkan dengan DePalma. Aspek lain yang kurang adalah penanganan kekuatan telekinesis Carrie. Di sini, kekuatannya berlebihan dan rawan jatuh ke teritori superhero, padahal di film aslinya, meskipun sama powerful-nya, kekuatannya lebih sederhana sehingga nampak realistis. Apabila Spacek cuma melotot dan menengok kanan-kiri waktu melepasnya, di sini Moretz harus menggerakkan tangannya ke sana-sini seperti Magneto.

Secara keseluruhan, Pierce memberikan film yang solid, namun tentu saja bukan tanpa kecacatan. Meskipun begitu, saya merasa kritikus sedikit terlalu harsh karena kalau mau jujur, saya cukup menikmati waktu saya di bioskop ketika menontonnya. Pernyataan akhir dari saya, versi 1976 masih yang terbaik dari semua versi yang ada.


Review: Evil Dead (2013)

Evil Dead (2013)

Disutradari Fede Alvarez
Ditulis Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayaguez, Diablo Cody
Dibintangi Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas, dan Elizabeth Blackmore
Produksi TriStar Pictures

"Your girlfriend just cut her fucking arm off. Does that sound fine?" -Eric

Gua rada skeptis sama yang namanya remake. Soalnya kebanyakan film-film yang ada di bawah genre itu dibuat cuma buat nyari untung doang. Nggak ada niat yang bener buat bikin sesuatu yang bisa ngehibur penonton. Hal ini bisa dibuktiin dari kualitas remake kebanyakan kayak Friday the 13th, Black Christmas, dan A Nightmare on Elm Street (yang ngecewain banget buat gua soalnya gua cukup nantiin itu). Awalnya, gua nggak berharap banyak, tapi begitu gua denger nama Sam Raimi, sutradara film aslinya, dan Bruce Campbell, pemeran tokoh utama 'Ash' di film aslinya, ditempel sebagai produser di sini, gua akuin gua cukup tertarik.

Dibuat dari budget yang minim, The Evil Dead (1981) dapet untung yang cukup gede dan disebut-sebut sebagai salah satu landmark di film horor. Gua baru nonton yang versi original ini beberapa minggu yang lalu, dan menurut gua filmnya solid. Bagus tapi nggak bagus-bagus amat. Make-up-nya rada cacat (sesuatu yang gua maklumin nginget tahun pembuatan sama budget-nya), dan aktingnya jelek. Tapi atmosfirnya bagus, dan ceritanya (di masa itu) cukup orisinil.

Gua masuk ke studio buat nonton ini dengan pikiran terbuka. Gua udah liat banyak review dari situs-situs dan forum, dan pendapat mereka kebagi-bagi. Ada yang bilang bagus, ada yang bilang jelek. Dan jujur, gua nggak begitu peduli soalnya gua udah kangen banget sama film horor bagus yang bisa ngehibur gua di bioskop (terakhir Scream 4 di tahun 2011).

Hal pertama yang gua notice dari filmnya adalah sinematografinya yang bagus. Dimulai dari shot pertama, di mana ada cewek jalan sempoyongan di tengah hutan, gua udah cukup terkesan karena gambar dan lanskap di dalem film itu udah kayak diambil dari lukisan. Kata-kata yang terbaik buat ngejelasin visual filmnya mungkin adalah, 'filmnya gelap dan gritty tapi di saat yang bersamaan bersih' dan gua suka itu. Ada banyak banget shot dari pemandangan hutan sama kabinnya yang cakep, kayak scene waktu kabinnya kebakar atau pas ada hujan darah di bagian akhir.

Evil Dead nyeritain tentang Mia (Jane Levy) yang pergi ke kabin nyokapnya di hutan bareng kakaknya David (Shiloh Fernandez), pacarnya kakaknya Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore), dan dua temennya, Olivia (Jessica Lucas) sama Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci), buat nyoba ngilangin kecanduannya sama narkoba. Bagian awal film, setelah credit title (film ini punya adegan sebelum credit title yang cukup intens, ngomong-ngomong), diabisin buat ngebangun latar belakang tokoh-tokohnya. David ngerasa bersalah karena sempet ninggalin Mia ngerawat ibunya mereka yang sakit jiwa dan karena Mia pernah OD dan secara resmi sempet mati selama beberapa detik. Kepergian mereka ke kabin ini adalah kesempatan terakhir buat Mia supaya sembuh, dan temen-temen mereka bakalan ngelakuin apa aja supaya itu terealisasi. Sayang, pembangunan tokoh ini cuma kuat buat Mia sama David. Tokoh yang lain nggak dikasih latar belakang dan motif yang cukup kuat. Apalagi pacarnya David, Natalie. Dia kurang lebih cuma ada di film buat jadi salah satu yang kesurupan dan mati dengan sadis nantinya.

Masalah dimulai waktu mereka nemuin bangke-bangke kucing di basement (kalo gua ada di posisi mereka, begitu ngeliat itu gua bakalan langsung pulang, gila kali) dan buku hardcover tebel yang dilapisin kresek sama kawat. Eric, tokoh yang kepo banget, ngebuka buku itu dan ngebaca mantra dari sana padahal udah jelas-jelas ada peringatan 'jangan!' (tipikal), dan yang terjadi maka terjadilah, mereka berhasil ngebangkitin iblis-iblis dari neraka yang datang dan ngerasuk. Agenda mereka? Ngambil lima jiwa dan hidup di badan mereka di dunia nyata buat ngebawa neraka. Lumayan hardcore, hah?

Dialog-dialog dari skrip yang dialusin sama Diablo Cody ini termasuk biasa aja, nggak ada satu pun kalimat  yang menggugah atau yang bikin meringis geli karena cheesy atau apa (tapi gua lumayan suka sama kata-katanya Mia di scene waktu dia tarung sama abomination, "Feast on this motherfucker!"). Ceritanya udah distruktur lumayan baik. Terus nggak ada terlalu banyak adegan jumpy, dan gua ngerasa musti nyebutin itu sebagai kelebihan soalnya biasanya film horor suka make itu buat substitusiin kesereman yang beneran. Yang kurang, kayak yang gua bilang tadi, cuma tokoh selain David sama Mia-nya aja, mereka nggak begitu kebentuk, jadi rada sedikit susah buat ngerasa kasian waktu mereka kerasukan dan dipotong-potong.

Penyutradaraannya juga salah satu hal lain yang gua puji. Gerakan kameranya luwes banget. Ada satu bagian di mana kameranya jadi sudut pandang iblisnya dan melayang-layang ngitarin hutannya (homage buat film aslinya). Atmosfirnya juga lumayan dapet. Dan jujur, film ini nggak sesadis yang gua bayangin. Dan itu hal yang bagus (buat gua), karena gua nggak terlalu bisa nikmatin serial Saw yang sadisnya bener-bener sinting. I want to be scared, not revolted. Gua juga muji departemen tata riasnya. Gua tau film ini nggak make CGI, dan gua bersyukur karena riasan-riasannya; kayak penampilan para deadites-nya, potongan tangan, darah-darah, irisan kulit, belahan lidah, semuanya jadi keliatan lebih nyata. Tapi ada satu yang gua sayangin, dan ini bukan salah mereka, ada satu adegan yang keliatan jelas banget udah disensor sama lembaga sensor kita sampe ngeganggu pengalaman gua nonton.

Akting-nya tergolong biasa aja. Shiloh yang meranin David, cukup tumpul dan sedikit ngebosenin, tapi lumayan bikin gua peduli. Jessica ngasih performance yang solid sebagai Olivia, sama sama Elizabeth yang meranin Natalie. Yang bagus itu Pucci yang meranin Eric. Dan yang terbaik jatuh kepada Jane Levy yang meranin Mia! Dia mulai film sebagai drug addict yang keliatan sakaw, terus jadi cewek yang ketakutan dikejar-kejar iblis di hutan, terus jadi cewek kerasukan setan yang nyeremin, dan terakhir jadi cewek bawa-bawa chainsaw yang tangguh. Semua itu keliatan meyakinkan dan natural. Kudos!

Bagian-bagian akhir itu salah satu menit-menit yang kece abis di film horor. Sinematografi yang keren waktu hujan darah, ditambah adegan sayat menyayat yang negangin abis, musik yang orkestratis, dan Jane Levy yang bener-bener bad-ass, semua itu bikin bagian ini bener-bener ngehibur. Gua nggak kecewa sama sekali. Secara keseluruhan, Evil Dead itu film yang cukup gokil, dengan takaran kesadisan yang pas, skrip yang biasa-biasa aja, sinematografi dan penyutradaraan yang kompeten, dan penampilan aktor yang bagus. Walau pun sayang nggak ada adegan yang bener-bener bikin gua ketakutan. Gua ngasih 8 bintang.

  • Kalo inisial nama tokohnya disusun, David, Eric, Mia, Olivia, sama Natalie, jadi DEMON. Hehe, kece, ya?
  • Film ini make 70.000 galon darah palsu. Di salah satu interview, Fede Alverez bilang dia make 50.000 galon buat adegan finalnya doang.
  • Gillian Jacobs audisi buat meranin Mia, dikalahin sama Lily Collins. Eh, Lily Collins keluar terus diganti sama Jane Levy.
  • Ada kameo-nya Bruce Campbell di akhir credits.



Pernah satu pagi gua masuk ke sekolah, naruh tas terus gabung ngobrol sama temen-temen gua. Ada rumor yang bilang kalo Ahmad Dhani itu seorang Yahudi. Mereka nunjukkin berbagai 'bukti' kayak lambang panggung, atribut dan segala macamnya. Gua duduk dan mikir, 'terus kenapa?' ini masalahnya; gua nggak ngerti kenapa itu jadi masalah. Kalo Ahmad Dhani itu Yahudi, terus sekali lagi, secara harfiah, kenapa? Dia nggak kentut di depan orang lansia karena nikmatin ekspresi mereka waktu menderita, ngerampok bank bareng Jesse Eisenberg atau ngelakuin sesuatu yang ngerugiin orang lain. Gua nggak bilang kalo rumor tentang dia sebagai Yahudi itu bener, tapi selama dia nggak nyakitin orang lain, kenapa itu jadi masalah?

Apa semua pria bersorban make rompi bom waktu di balik gamis mereka? Apa semua orang kulit hitam nodongin pistol dan jualan kokain? Apa semua orang Jerman muja-muja Hitler? Nggak. Gua muslim, dan gua benci waktu Islam diasosiasikan sama terorisme. Terus kenapa ngelakuin hal yang sama ke stereotipe lain? Temen gua make make-up sama baju dua size kekecilan di kelas, nggak berarti dia mangkal di pinggir jalan tiap malem ngacungin jempol sama tiap mobil yang lewat.

Di pikiran gua, kita seharusnya nggak mendefinisikan seseorang berdasarkan hal-hal yang umum. Kita seharusnya mendefinisikan mereka berdasarkan siapa mereka sesungguhnya. Orang teroyot di kelas bisa aja jadi Stephen Hawking kedua (tanpa kursi roda sama penyakitnya, maksud gua), orang yang keliatannya biasa aja dan normal bisa jadi pembunuh berantai kalo malem, orang yang pendiem dan nggak pernah ngomong bisa aja jadi Freddy Mercurie kedua. Kenapa kita gampang banget ngasih label? Gua cuma mikir; kita nggak bisa nge-judge satu individu berdasarkan hal umum yang dilakuin kelompok mereka. Semua orang beda. Kembar sekalipun.

Dan selama mereka nggak nyakitin atau ngerugiin orang lain, kenapa kita nggak bisa nerima mereka apa adanya? Jadi temen lo percaya dirinya keturunan Rambo dan bakalan mimpin ras manusia ngelawan alien yang nginvasi bumi tahun 2015, atau ada temen lo yang cinta mati sama Justin Bieber atau SM*SH, terus kenapa? Suka-suka dia. Hidup dia, pilihan dia. Bukan kita yang punya hak buat ngurusin.

Menurut gua, kita seharusnya nggak buat orang lain ngerasa perlu malu karena mereka nggak bisa bawa mobil, gambar kayak orang kidal dipaksa make tangan kanan, atau nyanyi tapi suaranya kayak kentut. Semua orang harusnya nyaman buat ngelakuin hal yang mereka mau, sekali lagi, asal nggak nyakitin atau ngerugiin orang lain. Jadi kenapa kalo Ahmad Dhani Yahudi? Atau Nicki Minaj keliatan serem banget di video klipnya? Dia, dia, gua, gua.

Yang gua coba bilang adalah; sebaiknya jangan nge-judge orang lain atas latar belakang atau hal yang mereka perbuat. Hidup adalah hidup mereka, pilihan adalah pilihan mereka, mereka yang punya hak sepenuhnya atas setiap langkah yang bakalan mereka ambil.

Dan gua seharusnya nggak make kata 'kita seharusnya', lo bebas ngelakuin apa yang lo mau. Lo, lo, gua, gua.
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